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Shervin asked 3 years ago

Hi Mike,
I just want to know when is the convenient time to submit EOT request to Company?
Please note that contract duration is finished but project is still ongoing so Contractor shall submit revised schedule to Company but I am not sure that shall we submit claim package or just revised schedule at this time?
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admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Shevin.
This is an unusual question.
There is usually a section of your contract that deals with notices of delay events that require a formal notice that you intend to claim an extension of time and it has to be done within a set time period.
This is so that the Employer is told of the potential effect of any changes he has ordered so that he can change his mind in good time.
If he is not told in time then he may be in his rights to refuse to award an EoT.
It seems that you are in delay because the contract time has expired but the work is not finished.
It is possible that you will not be awarded an EoT because you have waived your entitlement by way of late notice.
If however the sole cause of your delay is because of the Employer default – not just changes but problems such as late information or access – then you may have a get out by way of “acts of prevention” which over rides the lack of notice.
My advice is to get professional help immediately to resolve your situation.
I am available if you need me.
Best regards
Mike Testro