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  1. Overview

1.1 I am a Consultant Delay Analyst – I hold myself to be expert in this field.
1.1.1 For the past 28 years I have been self employed as a consultant in the construction industry, the last 18 of which have been concentrated on delay analysis.
1.1.2 I am a Member of the Chartered Institute of Building and Member of the Society of Construction Law and Adjudication Society.
1.1.3 I am the author of several books and articles including A Practical Guide to Delay Analysis + India Contract Act 1872 and its relevance to Modern India Construction + Method Statement for MEP Planning.
1.1.4 I have worked in the construction industry at home and overseas for more than 45 years.
1.1.5 During this time the only types of projects that I have not yet experienced include: Shipping Nuclear power.
1.1.6 I have extensive experience in: Mechanical & Electrical works and the interface with construction stages. Heavy Engineering including Offshore Oil Rigs and Subsea Pipelines in India and Malaysia. Offshore – Onshore Pipelines and Pumping Stations. Combined Heat and Power Plants General Construction – Building Projects – Civils – Roads & Bridges. Specialist Sub Contractors including Lifts – Transport Accessories – IT Installations (FOC).

At a Glance – Delay Analysis Experience and Location Matrix


Recent Career Highlights:
Along with routine delay analysis and planning work some highlights are worth pointing out.
1.2 March 2016 – Now
1.2.1 Assisting as Expert in delay analysis on International Arbitration between German Supplier and Portuguese Employer for a large chemical works. Analysis underway – hearing June / July.
1.3 December 2015 – April 2016
1.3.1 Three adjudications as Expert Witness in Delay Main Contractor – Luxury House in Hampstead – I prepared the EoT adjudication with prolongation costs – Substantial win against Diales. M&E sub contractor in dispute with Main Contractor for EoT and Prolongation costs – Substantial Win. Specialist Subcontractor on Tram System Nottingham – I prepared the EoT and Prolongation Costs for the first adjudication – 100% win.
I then defended the second adjudication brought by the Main Contractor – amicable settlement achieved by Mediation.
“Thanks for your inventiveness and help. I will definitely work with you again in the future.”
Endorsement from instructing solicitor
1.4 December 2014 – December 2015
1.4.1 Routine delay analysis and expert witness in adjudications.
1.5 September 2014 – December 2014
1.5.1 Delay analysis for the fit out – conversion of a Grade I 13th C priory to a modern training centre for an international utility provider.
1.5.2 After submission the parties settled at top level with 8 months EoT and £1.5m.
1.6 April 2014 – Continuing
1.6.1 Assisting International Lift / Escalator Manufacturer in presenting extension of time claims and associated costs to several landmark projects in London.
1.6.2 Achieved negotiated settlements in two claims – remainder in process.
1.7 March 2014 – Continuing
1.7.1 Delay Analysis for an Adjudication – combined refit + new extension to care home.
1.7.2 Adjudication abandoned due to sudden death of Principal
1.8 May to July 2014 – New Airport Qatar
1.8.1 Complex delay analysis for the combined IT systems and Finishing trades for three strategic sections in the Airport.
1.8.2 My role as delay analyst was completed successfully – Client took on the remaining negotiations.
1.9 Sep 2013 to Jan 2014 – ACC Abu Dhabi
1.9.1 Delay Analysis for a 161 km water pipeline and associated pumping stations for a Joint Venture.
1.9.2 I worked on this for three months but the JV could not agree on the analysis method and would not take my expert advice.
1.9.3 I left the commission with very little accomplished.
1.10 May 2013 – July 2013 – Impregilo – Romania
1.10.1 Programme Recovery and EoT for Motorway in Romania stalled by a massive landslide.
1.10.2 I demonstrated that Power Project “Line of Balance” software was far superior to P6 on linear projects.
1.10.3 The simpler presentation opened up the presentation to the DAB.
1.11 August 2012 to December 2012 – Jacobs
1.11.1 Extensions of Time on a Large Combined Heat and Power Plant in a significant industrial complex in Scotland.
1.11.2 I demonstrated that when using the bespoke form of contract between the client and contractor it was impossible to present a valid extension of time for any client event.
1.11.3 The threat to put time at large opened the log jam and reasonable settlement was reached.
1.11.4 A potential 3 month commission therefore ended in 3 weeks.
1.12 November 2011 to May 2012 – Client’s Name Witheld
1.12.1 Appointed as Expert Witness for the Respondent MEP Sub-Contractor in an Arbitration in Dubai – Court Tested & Hot Tubbed.
1.12.2 The claimant was installing the fibre optic cable network.
1.12.3 I was surprised that there was no counter claim and advised that one should be prepared and presented within the time frame.
1.12.4 Our client lost the arbitration and refused to release the award narrative.
1.13 April 2011 to November 2011 – Punj Lloyd – India
1.13.1 Appointed to Assist as Expert in a Main Contractor in an Arbitration Involving Off Shore Oil Rigs and Sub Sea Pipelines – Mumbai.
1.13.2 Lack of As Built data made a substantial Time Impact Analysis impossible.
1.13.3 The solicitor and counsel insisted on going ahead with an Impacted as Planned analysis against my warnings of impending defeat.
1.13.4 I resigned the commission but I learned a great deal about oil rigs and undersea pipe laying.
1.14 November 2010 to April 2011 – Fisia Italimpianti (Impregilo) – Kuwait
1.14.1 Appointed as Expert Delay Analyst to complete a stalled Extension of Time Claim.
1.14.2 I restructured the flawed contract programme to demonstrate a clear critical path and three key events gave a clear demonstration of entitlement to EoT.
1.14.3 One event was the failure of the client to provide an outfall pipe to take the desalinated water into town – thus stopping the test and commissioning.
1.14.4 The client suggestion that the test process be diverted back into the sea was a violation of Sharia Law on wasting fresh water.
2 Other Assignments Overseas
2.1.1 Iraq – Construction of Slaughter Houses – GKN Contractors.
2.1.2 Egypt – New steel mill for recycling scrap metal – Kajima Corporation.
2.1.3 India – Feasibilty Study for Hydro Electric Dam – Impregilo + Kajima JV.
2.1.4 Bahrain – Aluminium Rolling Mill – Kobe Steel + Kajima JV.
2.1.5 Hong Kong – New cable stay bridge – Japanese JV
2.1.6 Hong Kong – New airport defending incoming claims – Airport Authority
2.2 Other Delay Analysis Assignments in the UK
2.2.1 Liquid Natural Gas Terminal – Taylor Woodrow
2.2.2 Water Purification Plant – J Coffey
3 Typical Planning Projects Undertaken in UK Dec 1999 to 2010
Complete Road Maintenance Network Programme – Suffolk CC.
New Library – Southwark – Baseline Programme – Jackson
New water purification plant – Delay Analysis – J Coffey
External Cladding – Siberia – Arbitration – Permestalisa
L N G Terminal – South Hook – Delay Analysis – Taylor Woodrow.
Luxury Housing – Delay Analysis – Private Client
New Road – Delay Analysis – Bowmer & Kirkland
New Church Building – Delay Analysis – Durkan
Concert Hall and Gallery – Delay analysis – Drake & Skull
Hospitals – New Build – Delay Analysis – Gleeson
Hospitals – Refurbishment – Delay Analysis – Mowlem
Grade II Stately Home Refurbishment – Delay Analysis – Spectrum
4 Recent Client List – in UK Dec 1999 to Now Includes:
(Either by Direct Appointment or Through Agencies and/or Other Consultants.)
Jacobs – Carilion – Balfour Beatty – ISG Jackson – Permestalisa – Taylor Woodrow – J Coffey – Gleeson – Bowmer & Kirkland – Mowlem – Jarvis – Waagner Biro – Kajima – Mansell – Lacey Simmons – Try Accord – McNicholas – Hayden Young – Emcor Drake & Scull – Skanska – Bovis Lend Lease.