Forensic Delay Analysis

Construction Projects are often finished later than the agreed contracted period.

When this happens a lot of money is at stake and it is my job to investigate the evidence and ascertain what happened to cause the delay.

This is the “Forensic” bit in sifting the evidence and finding out who did what, where and when.

Delay analysts like to shroud their “Dark Arts” in mystery laden jargon and technical synonyms but in reality it is a very simple process.

At the start of the Contract the builder will have set out how and when he will be doing the work in the form of a Construction Programme.

The programme at the end of the job will be somewhat different and usually much longer.

All I have to do is explain the cause and effect of the differences and this is done by examining what documentation is available in the records.

I also rely on my 50 years experience of the construction process to know what is possible and what is not.

I also need to know about construction law and contract formation to decide on the process to be followed and what will stand up as evidence in court and what will be disallowed.

In the end I have to describe what “on the balance of probability” caused the delays and finally “who owes what to who”.

Most often the matter is settled by negotiation between the parties but occasionally the dispute is settled by a tribunal and my task then shifts to that of Expert Witness.


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