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Adjudication of an EoT

When the negotiation process collapses the most common form of tribunal is an Adjudication. In fact in the construction industry the law requires that you have to take your dispute to an adjudication. A single adjudicator is appointed by an independent body such as RICS or RIBA and they have 28 calendar days to review the evidence in the form ... Read More »

Forensic Delay Analysis

Construction Projects are often finished later than the agreed contracted period. When this happens a lot of money is at stake and it is my job to investigate the evidence and ascertain what happened to cause the delay. This is the “Forensic” bit in sifting the evidence and finding out who did what, where and when. Delay analysts like to ... Read More »

Projected As Built

1 Basic Outline 1.1 Old Tricks 1.1.1 There is nothing new about the Projected As Built method of delay analysis – it is how we did it using graph paper and crayons before programming software came along. 1.1.2 It is time to teach new planners old tricks. 1.1.3 In fact you do not need to be a planner to use ... Read More »

Disrupted Works

I have developed a method of measuring disruption by comparing the As Planned labour down time with the As Built actual labour disruption. I call it the Measured Gaps Method. You need to start a detailed level 4 baseline programme that has been resource loaded and modeled. If there are no resources then these can be added provided it is ... Read More »

Construction Delay Analysis

Construction Delay Delay to construction work is a common feature in the industry and nobody has yet worked out a way to avoid it. A definition of delay is when the planned / contract completion date is earlier than the actual completion date. The reasons for this are manifold but the most common ones are: Planning Errors The quality of ... Read More »